Hoodies at LTMS

Arianna Lane

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At Lexington Traditional Magnet Schools we have a policy about no hoodies being worn during school.  I disagree with this because I believe that students should be able to wear what they want, as long as it does not show too much and is appropriate for school.  If students want to wear a hoodie because it is cold during class, then they should be able to wear a hoodie and not worry about bringing two different jackets.  Most schools have a dress code policy where they can’t wear a hoodie because of the fact that people keep their hood up, which could be difficult for teachers and other students to figure out that person’s identity.  Although this is an issue, it can in fact be solved by actions being taken if one student decided to wear their hood up.

Most teachers and students would love to be able to wear a hoodie to school but can not because of the rule we have currently.  I think hoodies would help allow students to show off their own personal style.  This would be good because the current dress code at Lexington Traditional Magnet School, only allows students to wear khakis and a collared shirt, or spirit wear.  We are not given any chance to show off our favorite teams or other groups that we have been apart of unless it is at a school function and has LTMS on it.  Sometimes throughout the year the school will allow us to wear a hoodie only if we pay a dollar and get a wristband.  I find this outrageous that a student has to pay to wear their own clothes for one day.

Mrs. Miller, the seventh grade science teacher stated , “Hoodies are fine-I don’t usually even notice what students are wearing. I think clothing choice is a form of self expression.”

Thus furthering my statments.  Miller also went on to state that “I’m old school with regards to civility and etiquette, and feel neither hats nor hoodies should be pulled over one’s head while in a building.”

While Mrs. Miller wouldn’t mind seeing hoodies worn by students in our building, she does approve of and support the present dress code.  She feels that since we accommodate students from drastically different socio-economic backgrounds, a consistent code of dress levels the playing field and drastically reduces the the tendency for students to judge others outward appearance.

Mr. Luhman stated, “A responsible hoodie wearer would not disrupt the learning environment nor school safety. Unfortunately there have been multiple irresponsible parties that have ruined it for the school.”

On the other hand the special education teacher Ms. Belinda Jackson stated, “I’m against school hoodies. I do not agree with allowing hoodies. First school is an environment for learning heading towards a career.”

She also brought up the point where wearing a hoodie hides the identity of a student.  Once a student puts on a hoodie, they blend in with everyone else.

Ms. Burruss the para-educator at Lexington Traditional Magnet School said, “Only on special days!  The hood part should not be on [the] head during class time. Schools zipper jackets is better [because] students are always cold.

In conclusion, the majority of the teachers at LTMS are for hoodies being worn in school.