LTMS Related Arts Department

Cheyenne Lewis

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At LTMS, we offer pretty much the basics when it comes to arts. We offer band, orchestra, and chorus. I attained some interviews from the teachers of said arts, who all cooperated well. I asked them four questions that have to do with related arts. The first question I asked the teachers were “How does what you do affect other students?” Our resident chorus teacher, Mr. Burns states, “I want to instill an appreciation for the arts in students, and to expand their experiences”. Mr. Rayburn, the orchestra instructor, said “To teach students how to play an instrument and for students to have an appreciation for music”. According to one of the band teachers, Mrs. Meyers, “It brings joy to students and teaches them new skills that they can use in life”.

To answer the question most want to know, “Why did you decide to pursue this career?” All of the teachers said that they had someone who influenced them at one point to become a teacher. Mr. Burns stated that “I preferred band, but switched over to chorus at one point.” He also stated that his High school band director was who influenced him to teach. Mr. Rayburn said “It was something I wanted to do for a long time. I debated whether or not I wanted to do computer things for music”. He also said that he had some mentors who helped him. Mrs. Meyers stated, “I had a middle school band teacher that influenced me”.

Since the extracurricular has changed since the remodel in 2003, I asked the teachers what changes they thought should be made to the current department. Their responses are as follows. Mr. Burns stated “I would like to change scheduling for students to be in more than one department and for more boys to be in chorus”. Mr. Rayburn stated “I think there should be more art classes offered; like media arts, because of this, I don’t know if we are offering a true arts department for students without those courses”. And, Mrs. Meyers stated “I wish we could teach at feeder schools more often”.  

The final question I asked the related arts teachers were how they can influence students to want to do a related art. According to Mr. Burns, he wants “To influence students to view it as fun and to see it as a long time goal”. Mr. Rayburn stated that “If they’re passionate about it, they’ll want to do it and better their skills”. And, Mrs. Meyers stated that she wanted to “Go out and recruit at the beginning of the year; I believe in influence. For example, if an eighth grader talks to a sixth grader about how much fun band is, they’ll be more likely to join”. Over the years, each of the arts departments has received many distinguished ratings at their festival assessments.