Penny Wars

LeAnn Khong

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It’s that time of year again, Penny Wars is back! The LTMS beta club will be hosting this project. They also hosted the Valentine’s Day dance and will plan to do more fun projects! If you want to donate for Penny Wars, beta club members will be in the cafeteria during your lunch period to collect all donations. Penny Wars started on March 20th, and will end on the 31st. The goal this year is $1,000 and all donations go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society (a blood cancer disease). Leukemia is the means of a progressive disease when the bone marrow and other blood forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leukocytes, leukemia can  lead to anemia and more. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes.

Current 8th graders and past 7th grade Bengal, Muznah Khalid was asked how much she donated last year and why she donated that much. Khalid said, “I donated $50 because I usually like to donate to a charity every year.” Khalid was also asked what were her emotions about the 8th grade Panthers winning last year, she commented “I’m glad the 8th graders won and that the money went to a great cause”. Also 6th grade teacher Daryl Lockhart (Beta Club sponsor) was asked her favorite part about last year’s Penny Wars, she said “Just the excitement, the kids enjoyed it a whole lot” Lockhart said that she continued Penny Wars this year because it was a tradition that followed from the past five years.

This year your grade level will be your teams and the reward is dress down week which allows you to wear jeans, joggers, sweatpants and regular t-shirts (more information will be added once given). You should donate not only for the cause but also to help your grade level team with being rewarded. Each penny donated is one point while a dollar is 100, silver coins such as nickels, dimes and quarters subtract point so make sure to put those silver coins in another team’s jar. 8th graders are currently in the lead while 7th and 6th graders are in the negatives. Last year the 8th grade panthers won. The last day of Penny Wars bring the most suspense, sometimes we would have parents donate checks to support their kids and the cause.

Also, don’t forget to use the boxes handed out by beta club members during your 6th hour, those boxes are good for putting it in a workplace of your parents and/or having a place to collect your loose change. If you have any questions regarding Penny Wars, please ask Mrs.Lockhart (6th grade social studies teacher). Any questions about dress down week go to the Principle, Mr.Caudill.