Zakirah Rohan

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 March 31st (today) was the basketball game students vs. teachers so i asked two students (Arianna and Navin) what they thought about the before and after results of the game. I ask them 4 questions each.


  1. Who did you think was gonna win the game?

Navins response: “The students”


Ariannas response: “I didn’t really care”


  1. Why did you think this?

Navins reasponse: “Because the students were younger and they can use their body better”


Ariannas reaponse: “I wasn’t in it”


  1. How did you feel on the outcome of the game

Navins response: “I felt ehhh”


Ariannas reaponse: “I’m ok with it like I said it wasn’t a big deal”


  1. Who did you want to win

Navins response: The Students “Because so the students can roast the teacher for a change”she
Ariannas response: “I wanted students to win”