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  • May 4The Cat's Post to introduce newly designed webpage.
  • May 4The Cat's Post reach major milestone.
  • May 4LTMS students push hard to complete another successful school year.

LTMS Related Arts Department

Cheyenne Lewis

May 4, 2017

At LTMS, we offer pretty much the basics when it comes to arts. We offer band, orchestra, and chorus. I attained some interviews from the teachers of said arts, who all cooperated well. I asked them four questions that have t...


Zakirah Rohan

April 30, 2017

┬áMarch 31st (today) was the basketball game students vs. teachers so i asked two students (Arianna and Navin) what they thought about the before and after results of the game. I ask them 4 questions each.   Who did yo...

Lacrosse Score

April 29, 2017

Student Biography

Student Biography

September 30, 2016

Sample Student Biography

Sample Student Biography

September 17, 2016